Customers Asked to Voluntarily Reduce Water Use

We have had an unusually dry summer and the forecasts predict a potential delay in the return of sustained fall rains. As a result, we are growing concerned about having sufficient water for both people and fish as we head into fall. We are asking our customers to voluntarily use less water.

We need your help to stretch the region’s water supply until we get enough rain this fall to refill the mountain reservoirs sufficiently. Even seemingly small daily actions can ...

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Fix A Leak Challenge March 14th to 20th

Fix Leaks, Save Water

Leaks waste up to 12% of all water used at home. Yikes! That’s almost as much water as we use doing laundry each year.

Join us March 14th – 20th to take the #FixALeakWeek Challenge and check your home for the most common types of leaks. Do the Challenge all at once, or pick one item each day to check off the list. When we all work together to use water wisely it adds up to make a ...

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Take a Virtual Trip to Cedar River Watershed

When Educators at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center (CRWEC) could no longer connect children to the source of their drinking water via school field trips, they worked with Seattle Public Utilities to create a virtual field trip to bring the watershed to the students. Through a series of videos and activity sheets students, and all greater Seattle customers, can learn all about their drinking water now, and into the future.

Cedar River Watershed

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How Can I Save Water?

Stop Water Waste From Leaks

No one benefits from leaks and they often waste more than you think. For many homeowners fixing leaks is a DIY project.

  • Fix running toilets: A running (leaking) toilet can use 200 gallons a day or more. That’s as much as taking an extra 10 showers a day.
  • Toilet Rebates: Consider replacing your older toilet if it: ·
    Has recurring leaks
    Needs 2 flushes to clear the bowl
    Is more than 20 years ...
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Flushable Wipes…….NOT!!

Clogging the System: The Feud Over Flushable Wipes

December 23, 2019 by Diane Peters

In the basement of the Center for Urban Innovation at Ryerson University in Toronto, a lone toilet sits on a raised, tiled platform. Darko Joksimovic, an associate professor of civil engineering, drops a clean bathroom wipe into the bowl and flushes. It swims down a 66-foot pipeline that includes two 90-degree turns and clears it in one go.

He then collects the soggy material and drops ...

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