The sewer is no place for hazardous waste!

The disposal of hazardous waste into the sanitary sewer puts our workers and the environment at risk. If you have a product you want to dispose of and you are not sure if it is hazardous or what to do with it, please contact the King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program using the numbers below.

Residential Customers

(206) 296-4692

Business Customers

(206) 296-3976

Their website  has a wealth of information available to assist you with the responsible disposal of your hazardous waste. They can also suggest some alternative to hazardous products. You can also use their materials exchange site, IMEX to provide your unwanted product to someone who can use it. You may find some products that you could use.

For your convenience a wastemobile periodically visits our area to collect your hazardous waste. Click on the link to see the wastemobile schedule.

Please help to protect the environment and always properly dispose of your hazardous waste.