Our Mission

As a recognized leader in the water and sewer industry, we are proud to announce the following commitments:

  • To meet customer needs and expectations in providing high quality water and sewer services at a responsible rate.
  • To treat all of our customers, affiliates, vendors, and employees with the highest degree of integrity and respect.
  • To provide long-range planning that ensures continuous, cost effective service for the future needs of our customers.
  • To continually work with government, the community, and industry to maximize our ability to respond to customer needs in everyday and emergency situations.
  • To maintain high ethical business standards in our dealing with our customers, affiliates, vendors, and employees.
  • To provide friendly, prompt, and dependable services as needed to support the community.
  • To promote a safe, supportive, and efficient work environment that encourages a high degree of professionalism, creativity, and job satisfaction.
  • To provide our employees with ongoing training and development to ensure they can appropriately respond to customers needs to the highest degree of satisfaction possible.
  • To make a conscious effort to protect the environment in the performance of our duties.
  • To reach out to the community in the spirit of cooperation to conserve our natural resources.