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King County Ordinance 18403 – Removal of Surcharge

In November 2016, King County Ordinance 18403 was enacted to impose rent upon water, sewer, gas, and power utilities for their infrastructure located in roadways (rights-of-way) pursuant to a franchise. In April 2020, the District instituted customer surcharges for water and sewer to fund a contingent liability for rent pending the outcome of litigation and negotiation with the County. The Courts ultimately authorized the County to negotiate the payment of rent subject to limitations. Although the District is currently in negotiations with the County, the surcharges have been removed as of the May 1, 2022 bill date. Please be aware, a water and sewer rent surcharge may be re-instated at a later date depending on final negotiations with King County. This is a new program by King County and it is challenging to predict what will happen next.  Feel free to contact the District office at 425-255-6370 or email if you have any questions.

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