Backflow Assemblies

Backflow Assemblies

The Department of Health (DOH), Office of Drinking Water, has authorized Washington Certification Services at Green River College to maintain a list of certified Backflow Assembly Testers (BAT) that may provide testing services to the public. Only certified BATs that have authorized disclosure of this information are listed. There is no implication of preference, nor does this list constitute endorsement by Cedar River Water and Sewer District (CRWSD), Green River College (GRC) or DOH.

The BAT Public List is believed to be accurate and is updated frequently. However, CRWSD, GRC and DOH assume no responsibility for errors in or for the use of the information provided. Persons or entities relying on any information obtained from the BAT Public List do so at their own risk.

BAT Public List

Please call the District office during normal business hours for current backflow device information.